Stainless steel bathtub for caretaking

av | 16 Oktober, 2018

​​​​​ bathtub stainless steel

The usage of stainless steel bathtubs in hospitals and in elderly homes is an important part of caretaki​​​ng, making the matter of hygiene an easier task for caretakers on top of making it a more comfortable experience for the elderly and patients themselves. A stainless steel bathtub for hospitals and aged care facilities are more than just regular tubs as they have features and designs that makes the work caretakers perform easier. 

The simple fact that they ease the burden for caretakers is reason enough for any hospital and elderly home to acquire such tubs to help ensure that the danger of work-related injuries and stress are minimized. But it is important to purchase something of high quality, a stainless steel bathtub would be used often and for a very long time after all, so it'd make little sense to disregard quality in favour of cheap prices.

Equipment for treatment

Besides stainless steel bathtubs there's also bath lifts, shower trolleys and many other types of equipment that help make keeping good hygiene for patients and elderly easier for caretakers. When acquiring such equipment, it's important that it holds a high standard while keeping a low cost of ownership. 

While there's a few manufacturers out there that specialises in such products, TR Equipment are the ones that create high quality equipment for hospitals and elderly homes that keeps a low cost of ownership.

Their stainless steel bathtub have features such as height adjustment, an autofill function and shower as well as cleaning hoses. On top of that, their tubs are also highly resistant to both corrosion and chemicals. They're well suited for burns treatment.​​